• Throat And Voice (Laryngology) Surgery

    Endoscopic evaluation of the Larynx (Voice Box) and Trachea ( Main Wind Pipe) . This is often required for the diagnosis and treatment of Hoarseness, Noisy Breathing, Voice Disorders, Swallowing Difficulty and Breathing difficulty

    Micro-laryngeal surgery

    Surgery of the Larynx ( Voice Box) is carried out under the magnification of an operating . This is use to diagnose and treat a number of conditions that affect the Larynx and Voice. Sometimes a laser is used for precision.


    This is a series of surgical procedures carried out on the Vocal Cords under endoscopy or microscopy to improve the quality of voice in a patient with hoarseness

    Endoscopic Laryngeal Surgery

    Flexible Fibre-optic Laryngoscopy

    Flexible Fibre-optic Laryngoscopy - for assessment /evaluation of voice and swallowing disorders

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