• Dizziness And Vertigo (Neuro-Otology) Treatment

    Nowadays issues like Vertigo are very common. However these issues can cause you future problems if not treated well on in time. The condition of Vertigo can be compared to a sensation of movement or turning that is frequently depicted as unsteadiness. Individuals with vertigo feel as if they are turning or moving, or that the world is turning around them.

    Vertigo Clinic

    Ear disorders are a common cause of vertigo. Multi-disciplinary assessment and management of Vertigo is undertaken.

    Epley’s manoeuvre

    This is a repositioning manoeuvre used to treat benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). not uncommon cause of vertigo ,which gets precipitated with head turning /change of posture This manoeuvre is done with the help of a specialist. A solitary 10-to 15-minute session, for the most part, is all that is required. wherein your head is moved into various. positions, The canaloliths ( crystals) bringing on vertigo will get repositioned to their original location .

    Caloric Test

    As a part of evaluation for Balance disorders due to vestibular pathology

    Vestibular Adaptation exercises

    Vestibular Adaptation exercises - for managing chronic vertigo of vestibular origin

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