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    Pediatric ENT Doctors in Tri City. are not easy to find. But with us, we ensure the quality treatment for your child's ear, nose, throat and hearing issues. Children ENT issues are now getting more complicated and require great expertise to achieve the best cure. Your search for Pediatric ENT Doctors in Try City. ends here as we have expert and specialised facilities for children's Ear, Nose, Throat and hearing disorders. You will be guided for the right treatment for your child after a complete examination.


    The adenoids are similar to the tonsils and are sited at the back of the nose. Adenoidectomy is an operation to remove the adenoids. They are removed because of recurrent colds, because they can interfere with breathing and sleep or because they can be a factor in persistent ear problems.


    For Chronic Tonsillitis and hypertrophic Tonsils causing issues like Sleep apnoea etc

    Myringotomy & Grommet Insertion

    Grommet insertion - for children with fluid/’glue’ in middle ear (OME- Otitis Media with Effussion) affecting hearing acuity. invoves placing a small tube in the ear drum using endosope/microscope

    Hearing And Speech Disorders

    Children need to have hearing checked at early stage in order to ensure proper general development and speech. In case of speech disoreders Speech Therapy may be required.

    Foreign body in Ear /Nose/Throat

    This is an emergency and requires safe and effective removal

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