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    Your ear problems need advice from an expert. You can now consult to the Best Ear (Otology) Doctor In Try city for any issue related to Otology. A right advice after a complete diagnosis from an experienced professional can help you to achieve the necessary relief with the hearing issues. An experienced and qualified specialist is now available in your city ( Chandigarh , Panchkula, Mohali).


    A tympanoplasty is an operation that is aimed to remove infection from your ear and close a hole in your eardrum. The aim of this operation is to prevent repeated ear infections and correct certain types of hearing losses. With the perfect diagnosis from Best Octology Doctor in Tri city ( Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali.) you can gain your hearing back. With the availability of modern equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, our staff will extend you the best service.


    Repair of the hole in the ear drum involving Micro-ear surgery

    Grommet insertion

    This procedure involves inserting a small tube in the ear drum in cases with fluid/thick secretion (‘glue’) in the middle ear using a endoscope/microscope


    It involves drilling open the diseased bone behind the ear in cases of ear diseases to create a safe ear.


    involves remodelling ossicles / use of ossicular prosthesis for improving hearing in patients with conductivehearing loss


    in cases with fixation of Stapes foot plate (Otosclerosis)

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